Premiere Series 2017-2018

Discover the concerts of the Montreal Series in a short one-hour version without intermission. Experience music differently and gain a deeper understanding of the composers and their works as our guest conductor provides brief commentaries through out the concert. 

Réservez dès maintenant votre abonnement pour la Série des premières 2017-2018 pour ainsi découvrir 4 concerts hors du commun ! 







The double life of Antonio Vivaldi 

5 october 2017 à-7pm

Arion offers an exploration of the multiple facets of the double life led by Vivaldi throughout his career in Venice the Serenissima: between musical director of the orphanage for young girls La Pietà and producer of operas at Teatro Sant’Angelo,

between darkness and light, sacred and profane music, vocal and instrumental pieces. This program features the virtuoso of the recorder Vincent Lauzer and charming mezzo-soprano Meg Braggle,





Teatro alla moda 

8 february 2018 - 7 pm

In 1720, the composer Benedetto Marcello published a pamphlet entitled Il Teatro alla moda, in which he strongly attacked in an ironic way what he considered to be the shortcomings of the opera of his day. In 2015, the warm French violinist Amandine Beyer chose this as the title of her all-Vivaldi recording and she reverts to it once more for this concert of Italian concertante music reuniting no less than seven of her contemporaries. According to her, “each of the ‘qualities’ thus teased” is exactly what makes the panache of this music.         











Virtuosi ! 

 11 april 2018 -7pm

Arion had the privilege of introducing the brilliant violinist Dmitry Sinkovsky to Montrealers in 2011-2012. “His technique is, as we say, breathtaking,” recognized the critics of La Presse. Dmitry Sinkovsky is back with a program of concertos by German masters, Bach, Handel, Telemann, and a few more of their highly-regarded contemporaries. From one emotion to the next, from the tragic ardour of Handel’s concerto grosso to the sensitive and intense Bach violin solo concerto, come and see and hear this artist shine at the helm of the orchestra. Arion’s agility is widely known and this program will certainly demonstrate it!    








Du sérieux et du comique chez Mozart et Haydn 

1er may 2018 - 7 pm


Moving easily from euphoria to drama, Mozart and Haydn take us to the stage, without costume or text. Vibrant clarinetist Lorenzo Coppola dazzles critics and music lovers, not only with his virtuosity and the expressiveness of his artistry, but also by his enlightening and dynamic way of presenting the pieces. He is back in this season finale, in all complicity with his colleague and friend, Pierre-Antoine Tremblay, in one of the most brilliant concertos for horn as well as with the charming Quebec soprano Andréanne Brisson-Paquin, with two generous airs from Mozart, one eminently tragic, the other irresistibly comical. Experience theatrical music with even more tears and laughter!        





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